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Our staff believes in effective, fast, and efficient renewable energy services and solar energy systems support for different types of buildings.

We excel in providing outstanding quality services through professional and friendly service.

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At Local Solar Panel Pros, you’ll get the best solar energy services and repair, with the attention of a team of renewable energy experts.

Our professionals are industry experts, always updated, helpful, and thoroughly committed to offering the best solutions for renewable energy.

Our services include installation and maintenance of custom-designed solar power systems, advice on saving energy, as well as renewable energy services for all your house or business needs.

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Qualifying Assessments

Our expert team of renewable energy consultants examines the building that you are willing to supply with solar energy to evaluate if it qualifies.

​​​​​​​The considered factors include the amount of direct sunlight, roof area, orientation, and shading.

Solar Power

The possibility to save money and care for the environment while achieving energy independence are among the reasons why solar power is currently on the rise worldwide.

If your high electricity bills are concerning you, solar power may be the solution.


Maintenance and Repair

Although our solar systems are built and installed to last for years, regular servicing is essential to make sure everything remains efficient and safe.

​​​​​​​Our team is entirely prepared to offer maintenance service, repair, and support for your solar systems.

Solar Panel


Many solar panels come with a warranty. Some manufacturers supply their products with 20 - 25-year warranty. As a homeowner, under the warranty and service contract agreement, your solar panel company may be ready to come and fix any issues that arise at no cost. Nonetheless, solar power companies that offer this type of benefit are hard to come by.


Solar panels do not produce any noise. Its operation is silent. The installation procedure is convenient. You are already going to unintentionally cause jealously to those around you, at least your neighbors cannot accuse you of noise pollution.


Solar panels do not only save you cost of installation but also the cost of maintenance. Compared to the utility power supply systems, solar panel installation is relatively less expensive. Moreover, as regards maintenance cost, it is more affordable and convenient to maintain. The average cost of inspection for residential solar panels installed on the rooftop is just $160 annually. In addition, It does not require frequent repairs and you may not replace it for decades. Once it is installed, it rarely develops issues that will necessitate repairs or replacement. It has a long-time electric power-generating capacity. Solar panels are capable of supplying electricity for thirty to forty years.​​​​​​​

Solar Powered Benefits


The source of energy for the solar panel is the sun; therefore, solar power is sustainable. Compared to the utility power supply, you can consume the solar energy for a long period of time, once the sun is not exhausted. It serves your present needs, and the future generation energy needs will not be compromised.


Solar panels come with incentives. Due to the removal of the $2,000 cap from the Federal Solar Credit Tax Credit in 2009, as a federal income tax credit, you may be offered clean energy grant and you will have an incentive for installing solar panels. Thus, 30% of the total cost of your solar system and installation will be reimbursed. For instance, if your solar system and installation cost $30,000, you will have a rebate of $9,000. If you combine the federal rebate with state and local rebates, you could be reimbursed up to half of the total cost of your solar panel and the installation.


One of the impressive benefits of the residential solar panel system is that it significantly lowers the energy bills. Your savings will start building up from the first day of installation. Energy rates from utility companies are in an upward trend in the recent years. However, regarding solar panels, the source of energy is from the sun, so you don't have to be paying any bill and no fear of energy rate increments. This might sound incredible, but a solar power system can reduce your monthly electric bill by 70%. For instance, if your monthly bill is $200, it implies that you could save up to $2,400 in one year. Thus, you will be able to save more for yourself and your family. In case you did not know, net metering allows you to save much on solar panels. If you cannot exhaust your stored solar energy, the net metering allows you to release the excess energy captured by your solar panels into the local energy grid. The excess energy will be available for use by other homes and businesses. Hence, you will receive retail rate payments from the electric companies.​​​​​​​


Utility companies rely on fossils, coal, gasoline or natural gas to generate electricity. But fossil fuels as the source of electric energy is not clean, and it is nonrenewable. When fossil fuels are used to generate electricity, their combustion releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Unlike the traditional use of fossil fuel to generate electricity, solar energy system is a clean and renewable source of energy from the sun. It is harmless to humans and the environment. The use of solar panels does not result in any gas emissions.


The utility companies are unreliable because they are known to be changing their electricity rates every now and then, and the trend is always upward. Nonetheless, in the case of solar panels, the energy cost is fixed. Therefore, if you desire to calculate your electricity cost for the next 25+ years, with simple mathematics, you will be able to have the accurate cost.

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